// The Translator //

Is highly advanced compared to the Shape-Bots before him in that, Pre-Bot, Square-Bot, and Rec-Bot collaborated in his design. He was put together and disassembled 3 times before they all agreed he was complete!


The group wanted to upgrade his communication skills, so they gave him a communication emulator. As a result he doesn’t usually use words to speak, but rather radios waves, beeps, codes, flashes, signals, and colors (his head flashes in various colors)!


Although highly skilled, he’s very shy and often times needs to be coaxed into using his abilities and especially around new ones. Aside from Pre-Bot, he feels most comfortable talking with the family pets. Some think he doesn’t use his words so others will think he doesn’t know what they’re saying so he can  avoid being communicated with.


[What do you think? Has there ever been a time when you didn’t want to use your words?]


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