Timmy's Dad

Dependable // Kind // Smart

Timmy’s dad works for the company that designed Pre-Bot. He's the reason why Timmy and many of the kids on his street have a Pre-Bot. Since he's on the design team, he gave the neighborhood a sneak preview of the Bots before they officially went on sale. Only a few stores had received Pre-Bot 1.0, and they quickly sold out!


Curious with how the Pre-Bots do on his street, he observes them from afar and is careful to not interfere with their interaction with the various people they meet.


His children have helped him to have a better work/ life balance, for once he gets home Timmy and Tommy jump into his arms! At bed time, he tucks them in and reads them their favorite stories. He loves to surprise them with new books and see their eyes light up with adventure and anticipation for them!

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