// The Planner //

The first of Pre-Bot’s creations! After hearing about all the things Timmy gets to draw and create while at school, Pre-Bot wanted to do the same. He was lonely while Timmy was at school, so he decided to create a friend. He chose the shape of a square as his first Bot design, since it was the first he learned from Timmy. Introducing Square-Bot!


A serious sort of Bot that doesn’t like to take chances. Not timid. Won’t take illogical risks. Known to calculate consequences before doing something. Always thinking of the details and wanting to know “the plan” so he can warn Pre-Bot of decisions that could cause problems.


He tends to be the slowest in the group and gets exasperated rather easily. Usually the last to agree to go on an adventure.


[Do you like to come up with ideas and plan things before going places?]

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