Hunter // Alert // Aloof

Family cat rescue. She was brought home from the pound, so no one knows for sure what her breed is. Named after the Queen of Sheba because of her regal demeanor, she expects things do be done her way. You can forget about her responding to anyone - that is until she's good and ready!


She's very quick, agile, and an avid hunter who loves to track and hunt down anything on the family’s property. Interestingly enough, she's one of the few cats that doesn’t kill it’s prey! She's well fed at home so hunts mainly for sport. She finds it particularly exciting when something new enters her domain. She hunted Pre-Bot when he first arrived, but has since lost interest in him.


Surprisingly, Squeaks is her best friend, whom she protects from harm whenever he's out of his cage. She listens only to Timmy’s mom, and no one else!

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