Smart // Quiet // Observant

Rodge is Rhory's cousin and just moved in with his family. Because he is new to the New England area and used to living on a very hot island, you'll often see him wearing a hat and sweatshirt- just in case he gets cold. He's tends to be very quiet and likes to watch those around him so he can learn about their culture. Unlike Rhory, not too much excites him, which is why he and Timmy are constantly trying to make him laugh.


One thing for sure is, he loves watching Pre-Bots. To help him get adjusted, Rhory's dad decided it'd be nice to give him a

Pre-Bot. Soon enough Rog's Pre-Bot took on his mannerisms, and now too, barely speaks!


Rog has a strong accent when speaking English, and so does his Pre-Bot. Wherever Rog is, Rhory will usually be found close by just in case Rog needs help communicating with others. This may be the reason Rog is often very quiet, and seldom says much.

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