Funny // Loyal // Instigator

Rhory and Timmy get into so many imaginative adventures, they tend to forget what is real and what isn't. When Timmy's dad got Pre-Bot for Timmy, Rhory wanted one so badly that he asked his own dad for one. It turned out his dad works for the same company that makes Pre-Bot. Rhory was surprised to find that his dad had already set aside a special Pre-Bot just for him. His Pre-Bot also likes to laugh and has a good sense of humor. Rhory is a loyal friend to Timmy and because of that, his Pre-Bot is also loyal.


Rhory has been known to persuade Timmy to go on adventures that he normally would never dream of trying! This oftentimes leads to some trouble and mischief, but they both end up learning a lot through their experiences together (and so do their Pre-Bots).


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