Cute // Curious // Robot

Pre-Bot is our main character. He's part of a line of toys manufactured by a high tech toy company. They specialize making futuristic toys that double as teaching aids for kids.


Pre-Bot is the first of his kind! When a child interacts with him, Pre-Bot uploads their encounter, and translates it into an appropriate means of communication. They start off with a blank slate so kids can "write their Pre-Bot's code," through the example they set.


Pre-Bots take on various qualities from their teachers, enabling the kids to see the different attitudes and behaviors that get them into trouble. Kids can then apply the lesson to everyday life, using common sense to adjust the kind of thinking that created the problem.


This Pre-Bot is the original, and has developed a curious and creative outlook on things. He has on occasion acted out negatively while imitating Timmy. If a Pre-Bot get’s into too much trouble, the toy company has a contracted right to take him back until his teacher is responsible enough to set a better example. During that time period, that Pre-Bot would be



Timmy generally sets a good example, so there's never been a need for his Pre-Bot to be taken away. He just LOVES to tag along with Timmy! And he never tires of their many adventures together, because they have so much fun learning about the world around them!


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