Pre-Bot App

Pre-Bot now has his very own App! This app includes a wide array of games, activities, read-along stories, puzzles and crush-style match-three challenges, children will have lots of fun learning along with Pre-Bot!


Kids will love this fun Playrific app featuring games, puzzles, activities, adventures and even excerpts from “Pre-Bot Learns Not To Hurt,” the first book in the new Pre-Bot series for young readers. This wonderful story teaches about the hazards and consequences of bullying, and how to face everyday problems at home, at school, or on the playground. Ages 3+.


Activities Included in the App:

Pre-Bot Learns not to Hurt Book

Pre-Bot Crush Game

Timmy's in Trouble Puzzle

Timmy and Friends Drag and Drop Game

Pre-Bot Coloring Page

Family and Friends Dress-Up Scene

Pre-Bot Toy Photo Gallery

Timmy and Robot Running Puzzle

Pre-Bot Memory Game

Timmy Sleeping Drag and Drop Game

Pre-Bot on Rocks Puzzle

and more!

There are several free media items in the app. The rest of the content in the app can be unlocked for a small price.


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